05 February 2013

10 things to do on a holiday.

1. Help out those in need. Look around the people in your locality who need your help. May it be social organizations, temples or any poor people? Help them and make them smile. 2. Clean/de-clutter your home. Get up and remove the things you don’t need, re-arrange other things and make your home smell fresh. 3. Call your friends and relatives. Get in touch with your old friends and relatives whom you haven’t talked since long. Make a list of ten people and talk to them without any time limits. 4. Spend time with children. Often parents are so caught up in work that they struggle to find time for their children. Allot one day fully to your children. This is a gift they will cherish for long. 5. Movie and dinner with your spouse. Plan a romantic movie with your spouse and a candle light dinner after that. This will surely make both of you feel good. 6. A local picnic with family. Decide a local place in your city where you can enjoy the day with your whole family. 7. Outing with friends. Arrange a get together with your old group of friends and have a blast. 8. Spend the day alone thinking for yourself. If you have not since long thought for yourself, then it’s time to reflect on your current thinking. Spend a day planning your goals, analyzing them and deciding what truly you want from your life. 9. Do something that you haven’t done since long. Think of something you used to do earlier but forgot in the busy walks of life. Recall that and do that right now. 10. Sleep and relax. It’s not necessary that you should do any of the above things. If you are too confused, spend your day sleeping and relaxing.

04 December 2012

The $100start up tour at Ahmedabad.

1st Dec was AIDS day and the day for Chris Guillebeau’s $100 start up tour at IIM Ahmadabad. I already pre-ordered the The $100 start up book when I first saw it because I knew from its cover that it has some ingredient of inspiration in it. And as I guessed, when I read the book, it did have a lot of insightful ideas which I never read before. It encouraged me to think that even I can start a business of my own which was contrary to what I thought earlier that business can only be started with heavy investment. Moving on to the event, it was organized at IIM, the top management institute of the country. So there were two reasons to go, one as Chris and the other was IIM. I earlier mailed Chris to confirm whether I needed any print to enter the campus. And he said it was not necessary but when I entered the campus, the security personnel asked me about the invitation card. I tried to convince him about the event and after explaining the same to his superior, they allowed me. I can’t express the feelings I had when I entered the campus. It was as if I always wanted to go there and this was the day. As I entered the auditorium, there were only a handful of people but as the event started, the auditorium was full. I saw Chris and his wife Jolie and couldn’t believe for a moment. I know there are also humans but it’s a different feeling when you see a person living thousands of miles away from you and inspiring you in a way never before. I was waiting only for his session and finally he spoke. I had a question for him and after all speakers finished speaking, I was handed over the mike for the first question. He gave me a detailed answer and it was as usual an inspiring one. Luckily, I was awarded with discounts coupons from infibeam.com for asking a question. Throughout the session, I was wondering whether I would be able to meet Chris. As the speakers stood up, I quickly ran towards the stage and few people already got to the stage to talk to him. I was sure I’ll get a chance to meet now. When I gave him my book for an autograph, I introduced myself as the ‘Email guy’, which I told Chris through our talk via mail. He was glad to see me. On the page where I told him to give autograph was written, ‘My 101 goals’. He gave me a compliment that it was a nice book and turned on to see its cover page. It was Jack Canfield’s Key to living the Law of Attraction. I took a snap with him and finally said goodbye with a handshake and a final remark, ‘Keep changing the world’. When I got down the stage, Jolie, his wife for standing near the stage waiting for him to go for lunch. I went to her and congratulated her for the great job they both were doing, that they both make a nice pair. She gave a sweet smile and thanked me. I took my lunch at the campus and took an exit as I had to meet a friend of mine at Ahmadabad. When I left, it was like a dream come true. I was feeling like a winner with Chris because in spite of doing such a great work, he was so down to earth, which is a rare quality these days and it was one of the best experience of my life. Chris Guillebeau had helped me already and after meeting him, he has inspired me even more. Chris, if you are reading this blog post, I want to tell you that I can’t repay you what you’ve done for me unintentionally but I’ll surely repay it to the world one day by helping and inspiring people the most.

19 November 2012

A Spark

Have you ever thought about how a spark happens. I am not talking about the science behind it but the way it occurs. Confused? What I mean to say is the happening of a spark is a random sudden moment. But the moment when spark occurs, it thrills the person who is standing near to it. It might be a small one, but it do scare the person and sometimes when its far, it holds our attention. Our lives should be like a spark. we should continuously strive hard to be the person with a pleasing personality who gets attention like a spark. I don't mean to say anything related to attention seeking every time but attention seeking where it matters. Everyone likes to meet a person who is attractive along with good behavioral traits.
Of course the latter characteristic is a must or else no one will look at you if you only wear good clothes. Similarly, we should also give a small spark out of our lives. Spark here stands for working hard, getting successful at something we were working for so long, helping someone, bring something new for people and many things which would shake up our creativity. Hence two things, being a nice personality and a spark for our society will surely take you a long way ahead. in short,Live a little, live on fire.

15 October 2012

Find your calling

For many of us, actually most of us, working for ourselves have been a tough task right from the childhood. We have never been in a society that encourages doing something on our own. Right from childhood, we compete for passing the exams, then searching for jobs. And after we get the job, we try to continue the job even if we don’t like it. We blindly follow the crowd even if we don’t like it. Imagine the following two conditions: 1. You get up early in the morning feeling fresh and motivated to do the work you love and you can’t even wait a single minute to start your work. 2. You get up early in the morning even if you don’t want because your boss will come every now and then to scold you for things that don’t even matter and things which even he didn’t do when he was at the stage where you are right now.
For those who love their job, this post is not for you people. I have written this blog post for those who come in second category and want to be in the first one. For later category, you still have an option to love your job. Try to look at your job from different perspective and you might love it. It might be that people you connect with everyday are wrong, not your job. If you are still not satisfied, there’s nothing to worry. A leading websites statistics shows that 80 % of people don’t love their job. If this is true, then imagine the number of business opportunities you have which these 80% of people haven’t found. For today, go for a brisk walk at evening and look at your surroundings. Look at all those people who have found an idea to make money from their passion like cooks, businessmen, actors, singers, dancers and many more. Even while you are holding any book or newspaper, the words you read are written by someone who has a passion for writing. It’s not that you have to find something from the above categories. Find anything which makes you feel good. Recall when was the last time you truly felt alive while doing something you love. Don’t think how you will make money from it. Just keep on enjoying it and ideas will come. Keep reading books on finding ideas and creativity and soon you’ll have bunch of ideas to choose from. For now, visit the link below and read about the people who followed their passion and are living it now. http://www.brightlittlesocks.com/2012/10/09/world-change-roundup/

21 September 2012

Worth waiting for

Last Sunday, I decided to go home for a couple of days so I was waiting near the crossroads for the bus. I had a cup of tea with my friend in hurry thinking I might miss the bus. When I reached the crossroads, I saw a little crowd waiting for the bus. But I was not worried as they were not going to the place where I had to go. Hour passed by, all the people who were waiting took the bus and I was left at the same place with many new people arriving at the stop. Two hours later, I saw my bus amidst big traffic. I was glad it arrived finally but as I took few steps towards the bus, due to traffic instead of stopping towards left, the bus went straight without stopping as there was a truck on its right. I ran after the bus with a hope that it will stop at a distance but it didn’t. I got really angry because I knew the bus for my destination will come after an hour now. There wasn’t any place to sit and I was hungry too. I decided to wait for another hour. No bus yet. I decided to give my final thirty minutes to the bus and decided that I’ll leave after thirty minutes no matter what. But something inside was stopping me from returning back. I knew the bus was to come anyhow but the fact that I was tired was telling me to return back. I never waited for any bus in my lifetime like I waited today. Thirty minutes passed and it was time to return but I knew that the pleasure and happiness for going home will be much more than the pain I get now. I decided to hang on. Twenty minutes later, I saw a bus which was going to my destination. I ran towards it and before it could stop, I was into it. I knew the conductor will scold me for hurrying in such a way but I didn’t care as only I knew how long I had waited for the bus. I was much happier that I hanged on and didn’t give up. After I reached home, I looked back and thought I made a good decision. So what’s the lesson here? Too often when we are about to finish our work or an important but not urgent task, we often get bored or tired and leave it unfinished. Of course we should take frequent breaks but the point of hanging on and finishing the task is that you no longer need to look at the task again and once you complete it, you feel a deep sense of accomplishment. Hence, the next time you are about to give up, just hang on a little more thinking about the beautiful result it will yield after completion of task and you are sure to finish the task.

07 August 2012

The way you look

I have always felt conscious about the way I look. Not only when I am with people, but also when I am alone at home, I keep looking at mirror and keep fixing my look. I was always worried about what other people will think on looking at me if my attire is not proper. Even while in car when wind blew in full speed, I was worried about my hairs getting wrong as I arranged them while leaving from home. However, as time passed, I learned a secret which erased all the worry in me about the way I look. The secret is simply to picture in your mind, the perfect YOU, which you want other people to see in you. No matter how you are dressed or how you look, simply feel the joy and visualize yourself in a perfect attire which you think will make you happiest. on doing this exercise, you'll fell confident and people are sure to notice that in you. And the other secret is that people will more be impressed by your confidence and smile rather than your look. From now, if you are worried about how will you look, simply feel the confidence of being the happiest and most confident person on earth and you'll soon start noticing the change.

30 July 2012

Shortest way to earn money

If you are reading this article because you thought I’ll tell you the shortest way to achieve lots of money, quickly leave this post. In fact, there is no shortest way to achieve money. The one and only way to achieve quick money and overnight success is hard work. You’ll come across many get quick rich schemes but that also requires hard work. It also depends on a person’s attitude towards that work. What one person achieves easily in one job, may not achieve the same result in other job in same time. All persons have different skills and passion and they can all get rich quickly if applied to their own interests. If you are a footballer and try to win a match in cricket, do you think you’ll be able to win? It’s really that simple. So instead of just sitting and dreaming to become rich get up and start working on your dream. Success is waiting for you.